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My name is David King.  I am a retired physician and I have been a born-again Christian for more that 50 years.  I am married and I have three children and three grandchildren.  I have no formal Bible training, but I have read the Bible cover to cover about 10 times.  


As I said on the bottom of my HOME PAGE, I am a born-again Christian and I believe in all the major doctrines of Christianity, like salvation by grace through faith in Christ's shed blood on the cross, etc.  However, my website does not focus on these core teachings of Christianity, because there are already so many other excellent Christian websites that exist that deal with such important issues, like gotanswers.org (for common Bible questions), patheos.com (for general Christian topics) or answersingenesis.org (for issues concerning Creation vs Evolution), just just to name a few.  So, if you have a Bible question about the essential major teachings of Christianity (like salvation, etc.), there are many better, larger, older and more well-developed Christian websites for you to visit than this one.  My website focuses only upon the peripheral issues of Christianity—issues that are far less important than the major doctrines of the Christianity (like salvation, etc.). The reason I focus on these peripheral issues is that I believe the traditional teachings of the Church on the minor, more peripheral, and even puzzling doctrines of Christianity are frequently incorrect and often just the opposite of what the Bible actually teaches, and I don't believe that the other Christian websites address these issues either correctly or completely.

That being said, the primary reason why my answers to various Bible questions are so unique is that most Christians have a NEW TESTAMENT POINT OF VIEW of the Bible (where they allow the New Testament to overrule the Old Testament whenever the two Testaments appear to be in conflict) whereas I have what I call a TRANS-BIBLICAL POINT OF VIEW of the Bible.  


A TRANS-BIBLICAL view of the Bible (a name I invented to describe my own perspective) means that the truths from the Old Testament, from the New Testament and from the future Millennial Reign of Christ must never contradict each other, nor can the major truths from one period of Biblical history ever overrule the truths from another period of Biblical history. This point of view is especially valuable when it comes to issues pertaining the God's Laws.  So part of the uniqueness of my conclusions (especially when it comes issues where many Christians see the OT and NT to be in conflict) is because I add the perspective of the Millenial Reign of Christ to help guide my conclusions.  I am convinced that all the issues where the OT and the NT appear to be in conflict can be fully resolved using this TRANS-BIBLICAL point of view, where each and every conclusion must be consistent with the entire teaching of the OT, the NT and the future millennial reign of Christ.



The second reason why my views are so unique involves my approach for interpreting verses either literally or symbolically. Generally, whenever we come across a verse that can be interpreted either lliterally or symbolically, our minds have a natural tendency to accept whichever interpretation requires the least mental effort to reason though.   Consequently, because most people are not willing spend the time and effort to figure out how a verse might be interpreted literally, many valuable and correct literal interpretations are never discovered and taught.  My approach to these verses is to always try to interpret a verse literally before automatically accepting the frequently easier symbolic interpretation and consequently missing a rational and sometimes even better literal interpretation. This approach has allowed me to discover many unique literal interpretations that I have never heard or read about before.  



The third reason why my answers to Bible questions are so unique is that when most people interpret a controversial verse, they either hold very few verses in their minds for comparison or they research very few verses for comparison, and the verses they have in their mind (or they look up) are ususally just New Testament verses.  But when I interpret a controversial verse, I try to compare that verse to all the pertinent verses in the Bible, whether they come from the OT, the NT or are verses that relate to the future millennial reign of Christ.


The fourth reason why my answers to various Bible questions are so unique is that, occasionally I may use my older unique interpretations as a basis for future re-interpretions of other verses. 


I hope that you find my website to be a valuable resource for UNIQUE BIBLE ANSWERS to your Bible Questions.  If you do like this site, then please tell others about it.​

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