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Essay 3:


If our eternal God did indeed come into existence

without an actual “beginning”, how would an initially

indifferent God ever become a God who is all-loving, 

and who would want to create and to save mankind, etc.?


The process of eternal time becoming alive, all-knowing and all powerful would naturally produce a God who is completely indifferent rather than all-loving.  Yet by the time we get to the first chapters of Genesis, God is no longer indifferent, having demonstrated his displeasure with Adam and Eve by casting them out of the Garden of Eden. Now according to the Church, all God’s emotions should be viewed from the perspective that God is ultimately an all-loving parent God.  But if this is true, then

   How would an initially indifferent God ever become

an  all-loving God prior to the events described in

Genesis 1:1?


To answer that question, Essay 3 describes what I believe was the inevitable transition process by which an initially indifferent God would naturally become an all-loving God prior to Genesis 1:1 and why such a God would inevitably choose to create mankind in the likeness of the image he chose for himself millions of years earlier.  And, just like loving human parents would be willing to die in the place of their own young child when their child’s earthly life was in mortal danger (so their child could escape death and live a normal 70-plus-year mortal lifespan on earth), Essay 3 explains why God himself (after taking upon himself a mere fleshly human form) would inevitably be willing to die in the place of his own children when his children’s lives were in mortal danger beyond the grave (so his children could live a normal 70-trillion-plus year immortal lifespan in heaven rather than face eternal death), a graphic illustration of God’s parental love for his children, which in turn, creates the perfect symbol for the one true religion.


That being said, many Christians don’t believe God did anything at all prior to Genesis 1:1.  They believe that the first thing God ever did was to create our planet (“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…And there was evening and morning, a 1st day”) and then he created the rest of entire universe 3 days later according to Genesis 1:16-19 (“He created the stars also…And there was evening and morning, a 4th day”).  Therefore, since many Christians believe God created the entire universe three days after he created our planet on Day 1, they are forced to conclude that our eternal God did absolutely nothing at all for trillions upon trillions of years prior to creating our planet in Genesis 1:1. 


However, most Christians don’t reason through this issue to its natural completion.  For if God is eternal, then why would an all-powerful God who can create multiple galaxies in an instant choose to remain totally idle for trillions upon trillions of years until he finally got around to creating our tiny planet—a planet that is as small to a universe-sized God as a neutrino is to a human being (and a neutrino is 100,000 times smaller than a single proton)—and then wait another 3 days more before creating the rest of the entire universe?  If I were an all-powerful God who could create an entire galaxy in an instant, I would certainly not wait trillions of years before creating multiple stars, planets and galaxies, and neither would any of you.  Yet it is the common belief of many Christians that our eternal God did essentially nothing at all for trillions of years prior to creating our planet in Genesis 1:1, a conclusion that makes absolutely no sense. 


Besides, if God did nothing at all prior to creating our planet, then by default, the entire universe is not much more than 6,000 years old, an idea that many Christians believe. However, it is much more likely that God created most of the universe long before he created our planet, and that all God did on the 4th day of the Creation Week (roughly 6000 years ago) was to create our Milky Way galaxy so our night sky would be filled with the stars we could see with our naked eyes.  After all, God told Abram in Genesis 15:5,

“Look up at the sky and count the stars—if indeed

you can count them...So shall your offspring be.” 


In the above verse, God was clearly not referring to the roughly ten billion, trillion stars in the entire known universe, but was only referring to the stars that Abram could see with the naked eye.  It should therefore be equally obvious that on Day 4 of the Creation Week, when God said “I created the stars also”, that God was likewise only referring to the newly created stars that Adam and Eve could easily see with the naked eye from the Garden of Eden on our own planet, which would logically be the stars within our own brand new galaxy—the Milky Way.  Of course, if our own Milky Way Galaxy was created roughly 6,000 years ago as a distinctly separate event from God’s creation of all the other galaxies, then most likely all the other  separate galaxies within our several billion-year old universe were also created at distinctly different times from each other, which is probably why many of them appear to have different ages when viewed through the best telescopes. This reasoning only requires Biblical Creationists to defend a 6,000-year-old Milky Way galaxy in a universe that is billions of years old, rather than requiring them to defend a 6,000-year-old universe filled with a trillion galaxies, each of which they claim is the exact same age as our roughly 6,000-year-old Milky Way galaxy, even though all the galaxies look like they have different ages, and the light they emit would have taken billions of years to get to earth.  


So, don’t even imagine that God waited for trillions of years doing absolutely nothing until he finally got around to creating our tiny planet, and only after creating our tiny planet did God allow himself to create the rest of the universe 3 days later.  From the point of view of a Creator God, that idea makes no sense at all.  And as I said, my reasoning only forces the Milky Way galaxy to be roughly 6,000 years old while allowing the all the other galaxies to have distinctly different ages (mostly older), all within a universe that is billions of years old, a scenario that makes a lot more sense, especially given God’s eternal age of trillions of years.


That being said, when God became alive as Living Time—the Living Past, the Living Present and the Living Future—and quickly discovered that he was all-powerful, it would be only natural for him to immediately busy himself creating and perfecting the laws of physics and chemistry, for if these laws were not just right, then he would never be able to create the stars and habitable planets, much less be able to populate these habitable planets with all the forms of life that he would eventually create billions of years later.  So, after creating and perfecting the laws of physics and chemistry, most likely God created every simple inanimate object possible—photons, quarks, neutrinos, protons, neutrons, electrons and all the other subatomic particles, as well as every conceivable kind of star, planet, moon, comet, asteroid, quasar, pulsar, black hole, nebulae and galaxy, etc.  God most likely did this for billions of years until he was eventually just creating the same variety of stars and galaxies, etc. over and over again. And eventually, when the challenge of creating brand new, unique forms of stars, galaxies, and quasars, etc. disappeared and was replaced with a minimal enthusiasm of merely replicating small variations of everything God had already created, most likely he began to want to create something he had never created before—life.


Of course, by the time millions of additional years passed by, God would have eventually created every conceivable single-cell life form, as well as every conceivable invertebrate, fish, amphibian, reptile, mammal, ape, bird, insect, flower, tree, etc. and placed an optimal combination of these life forms on each one of the trillions of habitable planets in the entire universe that God had created over the previous millions of years. 


And it was most likely during this same time when God was creating and perfecting the senses of each animal kind that God discovered something that would change the course of universal history. God discovered that he was blind (so to speak).


Remember, if God is indeed a Trinity composed of four-dimensional Living Spacetime—the Living Past, the Living Present and the Living Future—then God doesn’t actually have (nor does he require) eyes to see, ears to hear, skin to touch, a nose to smell or a tongue to taste in order to know everything that is going on in his universe.  Instead, the trillions of dense, compressed space-folds at the outermost edges of the universe gather and process information from the impact signals of the energy of time, allowing God to know everything that has ever happened and will ever happen in the entire universe, past, present and future, all without the help of any literal eyes and ears, etc.


However, billions of years ago, when God was designing the brains of all the different animals and writing their genetic codes, God most likely discovered that he could precisely fine tune each animal’s senses by temporarily indwelling their brains so he could directly experience each animal’s sensations for himself.  This allowed God to make sure that each animal would be able to see, hear, touch, smell and taste exactly what God wanted them to see, hear, touch, smell and taste.  But this also meant that, for the first time in God’s eternal life, God himself could now see, hear, touch, smell and taste, and therefore enjoy myriads of new sensations that even he, as an all-powerful, all-knowing, nearly infinite God, had never experienced before, and could never experience again unless he indwelled the brain of one of his creations.  Of course, these five new, relatively tiny senses could never improve upon his natural ability as Living Spacetime to know everything that is going on in the universe past, present and future, as he had been doing for trillions of years.  But still, these new senses were probably a wonderful way for him to experience local phenomena.  And because these sensations were so new, he probably enjoyed them very much. 


So, once God recognized that the only way he could continue to experience the joy of being able to see, hear, touch, smell and taste was by indwelling the brain of a created animal, he most likely decided to create for himself the most beautiful image that he could possibly create—what we would call a humanoid image—and the tiniest part of him has continued to indwell myriads of these identical images placed all over the universe ever since he created them, allowing him to enjoy his newfound ability to see, hear, touch, smell and taste, while also retaining his ancient information-gathering and processing system of compressed space-folds at the outermost edges of the universe, which continuously give him the ability to simultaneously know everything that is going on in the entire universe, past, present and future. 


It was also during this same period of his eternal life that God probably decided to further improve the maternal instincts of some of the higher animals he’d already created, by designing a pleasure center within their brains that could produce some actual emotions of joy and happiness whenever the animal parents correctly followed the instincts God gave them to care for their children.  Of course, because God was also indwelling the brains of these higher animal mothers while he was creating and improving their respective pleasure centers, by necessity God would also experience the same joy of parenting that he was simultaneously programming into the brains of the mothers of each higher animal species. And those repetitive experiences of parental joy, more than anything else, is what probably made God want to have, and to care for, his own personal children.  So, at that point, God most likely decided to re-program the brains of all his own humanoid images to be able to generate, in a magnified form, the identical parental joy that he created for the higher animal parents to experience.  After all, this parental joy would be no less real for him (while indwelling his images) than it would be for the higher animals.


Anyway, as you might expect, after he had created every conceivable form of life he could possibly create, eventually the challenge of creating further new forms of life was reduced to merely replicating small variations of what he had previously created.  And when the challenge and the novelty of creating new forms of life eventually wore off, once again, he began to want to create something entirely different.  Only this time, he wanted to create his own children—living beings created from deep within his own eternal life force of living time—what we would call, souls.


Of course, these souls—God’s literal children—would naturally be composed of four-dimensional living space-time just like their Father, and so would also be just as invisible as God.  But because they would be so tiny and therefore incapable of accessing God’s neural network of space-folds at the farthest edges of the universe, they would also be incapable of any conscious mental activity unless God placed them into the brain of a higher animal. 


Naturally, God would want his own children to experience a capacity for intelligence and joy that would be far greater than any previously created animal species could experience.  So, using the genetic code of apes as a starting point, God probably decided to create a brand-new animal species in the exact likeness of his own personal humanoid images that he created for himself to indwell billions of years earlier.  This would produce a natural family resemblance between all the new human bodies that would host God’s future children—the souls—and the ancient humanoid images that had been hosting portions of God’s eternal life force for billions of years. To repeat, our human hosts were made in the exact likeness of God’s humanoid host so there would be a natural family resemblance between our human hosts and God’s humanoid host.  Therefore, we—the souls—would inhabit and control the brains of our human hosts just like tiny portions God’s eternal life force had been inhabiting and controlling the brains of God’s humanoid hosts for millions of years. Accordingly, God planned to “give birth to” each soul within the brain of a newborn human baby during the exact moment the baby took its first breath. 


So, immediately after God created the first Adam from the ground of his first habitable planet millions of years ago, God’s Holy Spirit entered Adam's brain where God then literally gave birth to his first child—a soul—during the very moment the first Adam took his first breath.  God did the same with the first Eve when Eve took her first breath.  And from then on, whenever Eve (or whenever any other human mother on any of God’s other habitable planets) gave birth to her human baby, God immediately entered the baby’s brain, where God would literally give birth to his own soul-child during the very moment the human baby took its first breath.  Thus, flesh gives birth to flesh and Spirit literally gives birth to spirit, just as God told us in John 6:6 of our Bible. 


So, each of you is actually made of two separate and independent life forms in one body—the human and the soul.  Each life form can exist without the presence of the other but each life form greatly benefits from the presence of the other.  Scientists call this relationship, “mutualism”.  Since the soul—God’s child—is created from four-dimensional living space-time, each soul can naturally sense and manipulate energy within the folds of the human cortex (just like our heavenly Father can sense and manipulate energy within the space-folds at the outermost edges of the universe—as if these space-folds were like God’s own “universal cortex”).  Therefore, by sensing and manipulating much of the neuro-chemical energy transfer of the human cortex, each soul can eventually learn to play the brain of its human host much like we humans play a virtual reality videogame, thereby controlling all its decisions of free will and of course, being held accountable for those decisions of free will as well.  In the meantime, the soul that is controlling its human brain’s higher functions can now see, hear, touch, smell and taste everything the human sees, hears, touches, smells and tastes, and therefore experience an endless variety of sensations that God’s soul-child would otherwise be incapable of experiencing if it did not live within a brain—especially within a human brain.  It can also experience all the joy and sadness the human experiences as well.


But the human animal also benefits from this relationship, because with a separate life form made of living time living inside the skulls of human animals and controlling its higher brain functions, the human brain and body can now attain much greater achievements in science, mathematics, technology, art, music, and philosophy as well as in athletics.  Unfortunately, when God’s soul-children are controlling the brains of humans, this also gives the human animals the capacity to become skilled in mistreating each other as well, a skill that can lead to violence and even lead to war.  So, without God’s soul-children controlling their higher brain functions, the human animals would be much less passionate about (and therefore much less accomplished in) science, technology, art, music, philosophy and even religion, but on the other hand, the human animals would almost never mistreat or harm each other either.


Of course, you may wonder,

     “Which life form am I?  The human, or the soul?” 


The answer is,

“You do not have a soul.  You are the soul.  You live

inside the brain of a human animal host that was made

in the likeness of your Father’s chosen humanoid image.

And although your earthly mother is the mother of your

body, God is literally your true mother—the mother of

your soul, which is what you really are.  And since the

Father of the universe is literally the Mother of your soul

the true you—then God is literally your Mother as well

as your Father.  And this is why God loves each of you

with the combined passion of a mother’s love and a

father’s love.”


At this point, I want each of you to imagine that are you are sitting in the bleachers at your 10-year old son’s Little League Baseball game.  It’s the bottom of the 9th inning and there are two outs.  The bases are loaded and your son’s team is behind by two runs.  Your son steps up to the plate and swings at the first pitch.  There is a loud cracking sound as his bat hits the baseball.  Your son continues his swing as he watches the ball sail high over the centerfielder’s head and continue over the fence for a grand slam home run that wins the game for his team. As he rounds the bases and heads for home plate, all the fans are cheering for him as he enjoys one of the happiest moments of his life.


As you watch from the bleachers, you feel the joy that a proud parent feels for his or her son, but you cannot directly feel the joy your son is experiencing at that very moment because your mind can never be directly connected to your son’s brain.  You can imagine his joy, or remember your joy in a similar circumstance when you were a child, but you can never directly experience your child’s joy.


But imagine if you could.  What if there were some way that you could be directly connected to your son’s mind so you could completely experience exactly what your son was feeling during those moments?  Imagine experiencing all the joy of a proud father watching from the bleachers while at the same time experiencing all the joy that your son was feeling.  Now also imagine that you can even look out though your son’s eyes, listen through your son’s ears and feel what your son touches and therefore literally experience everything your son sees, hears and feels as he waits for the pitch, hits the ball, watches it sail over the fence, runs the bases, hears the cheers of the fans as he crosses home plate, realizes he had won the game for his team and then also sees you (his proud parent) watching him and cheering from the stands!  Now imagine that you can also directly experience the joy that all the fans in the bleachers are feeling at that same time!


If this were possible, the temptation to experience the joy of the father, the joy of the son, the sensations of the son, and the joy of all the fans in the bleachers all at the same time would be irresistible for you.  Of course, you can never do this because your minds can never be directly connected to the brains of your children and connected to all the other fans in the bleachers.  But God can do this.  Why do you think God wants his Holy Spirit to indwell each of us in heaven?  So God himself can do this exact same thing by using his Holy Spirit to directly connect all of our minds to his mind in heaven!  After all, God could have easily saved us and brought us into heaven without having to first indwell us with his Holy Spirit. Remember, God regularly saves all babies and very young children who prematurely die without every having to first indwell them with the Holy Spirit.  So it should be obvious that God must have an ulterior motive for indwelling us with his Holy Spirit other than for salvation itself.


Think about it. When God’s Holy Spirit indwells each of us in the afterlife, it should go without saying that God can and will be able to look out through our eyes (so to speak), listen through our ears, feel everything we touch, smell what we smell and taste what we taste.  So, God will not only be able to directly experience every joyful emotion that each of his children are having all the time, but God will also be able to directly see, hear, touch, smell and taste everything we see, hear, touch, smell and taste, giving God myriads of wonderful sensations that even our Almighty God himself would NOT be able to experience in such great magnitude without indwelling each of us with his Holy Spirit in heaven and on the New Earth. 


So by connecting the minds of more than a billion of his children in heaven to his own mind, God not only gets the joy of loving us like a Father (and a Mother), but he also gets to directly experience all the love we have for him, all the love we have for each other and all the joy we experience in heaven, plus, God gets to see hear, touch, smell and taste everything we see, hear, touch, smell and taste, 24/7/365, for more than a billion souls all at the same time for all eternity—sensations that God would NOT otherwise be able to experience in such magnitude. And that is a temptation that even God, as Living Spacetime, could never resist.  But in addition, this feedback mechanism also provides God—the Trinity—with the greatest possible motivation to create for us the most pleasurable, wonderful and perfect afterlife possible.  Because after all, the more pleasurable it is for us, the more pleasurable it is for God too. 


Of course, since a single Kingdom of Heaven orbited by a single New Earth inhabited by as many as one or two billion of his children is still roughly 100,000 times smaller to God than a single proton is to us, then it should be obvious that from the moment Spacetime itself became a newly alive eternal God—three living beings within one body of eternal Spacetime—that God’s inevitable destiny would be to maximize his own parental pleasure by filling the entire universe with trillions upon trillions of perfect New Earths, each orbiting around its own perfect heaven.


That is why each of our bodies in heaven will be restored to the original genetic perfection that Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden, and why eating from the fruit of the tree of life and drinking from the water of the river of life will allow each of us to remain looking age 20 even when we are trillions of years old.  This means that all of us, from our greatest grandparents, Adam and Eve, to our greatest grandchildren in heaven will all look the same age for all eternity.  This restored genetic perfection will give each of us a genius IQ, a photographic memory and make us all mathematical geniuses as well, so each of us will be able to quickly, easily and perfectly learn any academic subject taught in heaven. And yes, there will be lots to learn in heaven, and with our new genius IQ and photographic memory, we will hunger to know it all.  This genetic perfection will restore to each of us all the athletic talents of the greatest athletes of all time back on earth. We will even be able to outrun a horse and chariot for a marathon distance just like Elijah did in the Bible in I Kings 18:44-45.  Most likely there will be hundreds of different sports in heaven, so all of us will have unending opportunities to use all of our amazing athletic talents by participating in these sports.  Further, each of us will have the talent to learn to play any musical instrument easily and perfectly, compose musical symphonies like Bach and Handel (who live there) and sculpt and paint like Michelangelo (who also lives there).  In addition, each of us will have a perfect singing voice, so each of us will be able to sing a perfect a cappella solo, or sing duets, trios, quartets and choruses with absolute perfection and perfect harmony every single time.  And of course, we will all have the talent to learn dance every type of dance—perfectly. Plus, all the animals in heaven will be friendly and none will be dangerous.  So, we can hold out our finger and a hummingbird will land on it, while a tiger rubs his face on our leg and purrs.  We can ride of the back of a tyrannosaurus, swim with the dolphins and whales and, since God’s Holy Spirit will fly us anywhere we want to go, we will also be able to fly with the eagles and the pterodactyls.  (After all, according to I Thessalonians 4:17, the first thing that happens during the rapture when Christ returns to earth is that we will literally fly up into the air as carried by the Holy Spirit.) Also, even though there will be more than a billion people in heaven, God’s Holy Spirit within us will allow us to immediately recognize the face and know the first name of every single person in heaven, even if we’ve never met them.  This way, we will never see anyone in heaven whose face we don’t recognize and whose name we don’t know, and so everywhere we go in heaven and everywhere we go on the future New Earth will be like an eternal family reunion. 


In addition, this kingdom of heaven where we will be living is God’s private home.  It is gigantic house that is about 1500 miles long, wide and high [2] and has 12 floors. [2] In some ways, each of the 12 floors [2] may very well be more beautiful than any of the other floors, with mountains, valleys, forests, meadows, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, and with each floor having an entirely different geographic arrangement that may very well be more beautiful than any of the other floors. Taken together, all 12 floors will contain enough square mileage to equal roughly half of the land surface of our entire planet earth—about 3 ½ continents. [3] Eventually, more than a billion of our brothers and sisters will live there.  Some will live along the streets of gold, some in the forests, some in the meadows, some along the rivers, some along the lake shores, some near waterfalls and some on the sides of mountains overlooking the landscape below.


As you know, God’s home does not need the sun or moon to light it up, because Christ himself lights it up [4] from where he sits at the top of his throne-mountain [5] which is most likely in a centrally-positioned worship amphitheater on the 6th floor.  From there, the sunlight of God’s glory travels into God’s throne and then further down his throne-mountain into the sea of glass [6] that surrounds God’s throne-mountain at the bottom of the mountain.  Then, the sunlight of God’s glory travels 750 miles north, south, east, and west within the major streets of gold, which God deliberately made as pure and transparent as glass so these streets of transparent gold can carry the sunlight of God’s glory to the outer walls of the city as well as into all the minor transparent streets of gold and transparent sidewalks of gold, which are directly connected to all of the houses in God’s kingdom of heaven, the outer walls of which are also transparent [7] so each house can also glow softly with the sunlight of God’s glory. The outer walls of God’s kingdom are made of jasper, clear as crystal, [8] so when the sunlight of God’s glory reaches the outer walls of the city where the transparent streets of gold meet the transparent walls of jasper, the sunlight of God’s glory then travels up and down the walls and doubles back into the ceilings of all 12 floors to illuminate the 12 landscapes below.  In this way, the sunlight of God’s glory, which started from God’s image on his throne on the 6th floor, can illuminate God’s entire kingdom. Further, as the sunlight of God’s glory travels up and down the transparent jasper walls of God’s kingdom, this same sunlight shines out through all 12 levels of gemstones that are embedded within the walls of God’s kingdom of heaven [9] to literally provide the sunlight for the New Earth [10]—a companion planet to God’s kingdom of heaven—which God will create for us in the near future.  (At that time, our primary home will be located on the New Earth, and God will fly us back and forth to his kingdom of heaven every Sabbath for worship and as often as we want.)  Thus, by simply by sitting on his throne on the top of his throne mountain on the sixth floor of his Kingdom of heaven and sending the sunlight of his glory down his throne mountain into the sea of glass, then out through all the streets of gold into the walls and ceilings of the kingdom to illuminate all 12 floors of the entire kingdom and also shine out from the kingdom’s walls onto the new earth, in this manner, Christ will personally and literally be the source of all of our light and heat, and through photosynthesis, be personally the source of all our food and oxygen as well, 24/7/365, for all eternity, whether we are on the New Earth or in God’s Kingdom of Heaven.


But you’ll find this next part even more amazing.  At the time of Noah in Genesis 6:1-4 (NIV), God informed mankind that the angels have sexual desires just like humans do, and that some angels (called “the sons of God” in that passage) recognized that

      “the daughters of men were beautiful and had children

      by them, heroes or old, men of renown”. 


(We know the expression “the sons of God” in this verse refers to angels and not men for two reasons.  First, if God were speaking about men in Genesis 6:4, he would have said,

      “when the sons of men went to the daughters of men

      and had children by them”

instead of saying,

      “when the sons of God went to the daughters of men

       and had children by them”.

Second, in Job 1:6 and Job 2:1, the same expression, “the sons of God”, clearly refers to when the angels and Satan presented themselves before God in heaven. So, for these two reasons, the expression “the sons of God” in Genesis 6:1-4 can only refer to angels and not to men, and therefore can only mean that angels do indeed have sexual desires.)


Moving on, when God created the angels to begin with, God never would have programmed their brains to allow sexual desires unless God also allowed these desires to be fulfilled without sinning.  So, it should be obvious that God also created female angels that can unite with male angels and fulfill these desires together.  Therefore, the reason that angels have sexual desires to begin with is because God created them as sexual beings.  But they don’t marry and they don’t have baby angels.  So when God came to earth as Jesus and told us that in heaven “men will neither marry nor will be given in marriage but will be like angels in heaven” (as recorded in Mathew 22:30 and Mark 12:25), evidently God meant that people in heaven will still have sexual desires that can be fulfilled in heaven without sinning, without marrying and without having babies, just like the angels in heaven also have sexual desires that can be fulfilled in heaven without sinning, without marrying and without having baby angels.


And like everything else in heaven, sex in heaven will probably be even better than sex on earth.  After all, not only will everyone have the perfect size, shape, energy and endurance, but our loving natures in heaven will prompt everyone to put their partner’s pleasure before their own pleasure.  Further, there is a possibility that God will arrange for the Holy Spirit within each partner to transmit all the pleasurable sensations and joy to the other partner at the same time.  In this way, we will not only experience our own joy and pleasure, but each of us will simultaneously experience the other person’s joy and pleasure as well.  This will prompt everyone to naturally please their partner as much as possible, for the better it feels for the partner, the better it feels for us.  And because God’s own Holy Spirit is within each of us during intimacy, God also gets to feel all those sensual pleasures from within both partners as well.


Obviously, God has made his home to be so wonderfully fantastic that no one on earth could ever be good enough to deserve to come into his private home—the kingdom of heaven.  And anyone who thinks he can simply earn his way into God’s home without asking forgiveness for his or her sins, without being part of God’s family, and without recognizing that God loves us with a such a parental love that he was willing to die in our place, is greatly mistaken, and upon his or her death, God’s child—the soul—will be placed into the brain of his new afterlife body by his guardian angels and then carried to hell instead, after which he will personally face God to judge him for his sins and then be cast into the Lake of Fire. 


For the kingdom of heaven is God’s private home and only family members can enter there.  It is not a public facility with equal access for all comers.  Hell, is the public facility with equal access for all comers.  And the only way for those on earth to enter God’s home is to be part of God’s family and the only way to be part of God’s family is for them to confess their sins, repent of their sins (which means they must also stop sinning to the best of their ability), be entirely forgiven by God for all their sins, and accept that God loves them with such a great parental love, that just like any loving parent would be willing to die in the place of his children so they could live another 70 years of mortal life, that God too would be willing to die to in the place of his own children so they could live in his home for another 70 trillion years of immortal life.  This is why God chose Christ’s death on the cross as the perfect symbol for the one true religion—a symbol illustrating that God loves us just like a father and mother loves their own children.


[2] God’s House (the Kingdom of Heaven) is roughly 1,500 miles long, 1,500 miles wide and 1,500 miles high, as recorded in Revelation 21:15-16,14 (NIV). For it is written:

“The angel who talked with me had a measuring rod of gold to measure the city, its gates and its walls. The city was laid out like a square, as long as it was wide. He measured the city with the rod and found it to be 12,000 stadia (i.e. roughly 1,500 miles) in length, and as wide and high as it is long.”    

[2] God’s House (the Kingdom of Heaven) has 12 floors, as recorded in Revelation 21:14, for it is written:

“The wall of the city had twelve foundations…”


When you look at a sky scraper and count the levels of windows, you know that a foundation for that level exists immediately below each level of windows.  So, just like you can look at the outside wall of a 12-floor building, count the levels of windows and easily recognize that it has 12 foundations—one foundation for each of the 12 floors—likewise, when the Bible says, “The wall of the city had twelve foundations…”, it can only mean that the Kingdom of Heaven itself has twelve floors as well.



[3] The land surface area inside God’s House (the Kingdom of Heaven) is roughly the size of 3 ½ continents. 1,500 miles long x 1,500 miles wide = 2.25 million square miles per floor, and 2.25 million square miles per floor x 12 floors = 27 million square miles. 27 million square miles spread over 12 floors in the Kingdom of heaven divided by 57.5 million square miles of land surface area on earth = 46.9% or roughly ½ of the land surface of the entire world. Since our earth has 7 continents, then 7 continents of land surface x ½ = 3 ½ continents. Therefore, “our Father’s House” (the Kingdom of Heaven) contains the equivalent of 3 ½ continents of land surface spread out over the 12 floors inside the Kingdom of Heaven.


[4] Christ himself personally lights up the entire Kingdom of Heaven, as recorded in Revelation 21:23. For it is written,

“The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp.”


[5] Christ most likely lights up the Kingdom of Heaven from the throne itself that appears to be located on the summit of the throne mountain.  We know that a holy mountain of God exists and that there are many glowing gemstones within the sides of the mountain We also know that at one time, Satan himself “walked among the fiery stones.”  (Ezekiel 28:14b NIV) And since it is likely that Christ’s throne is at the summit of the mountain, then it is highly likely that Christ literally lights up the entire kingdom of heaven from that location.


[6] In Revelation 4:6, it tells us that “in front of the throne there was what looked like a sea of glass, clear as crystal”. 


[7] Since the "city" is made of gold that is pure and transparent as glass (Revelation 21:18), then each of the dwelling places within God’s kingdom of heaven must also have outer walls which are made from transparent gold.  Therefore, each house can also glow softly with the sunlight of God’s glory as long as that house is literally attached to a sidewalk of transparent gold that in turn is attached to a street of transparent gold that carries the sunlight of God's Glory from God's throne to the transparent walls of that house.

[8] The outer walls of God’s kingdom are made of jasper, clear as crystal.


[9] This same sunlight shines out through all 12 levels of gemstones that are embedded within the walls of God’s kingdom of heaven in order...[10] to literally provide the sunlight for the New Earth

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